International Men’s Day 2020: Simple Weight Loss Tips for Workaholic Men


Let’s talk about men for a change today, as we mark International Men’s Day on November 19. Yes, the talk around gender equality and feminism sometimes leads away from the issues that focus around the misters of the world. One might be surprised to learn that there are a number of men around us who feel uncomfortable and misunderstood.

Considering the countless labels around stereotypes prevalent in the society, the male section is not very open when it comes to discussing topics related to weight loss and grooming. Because in common belief, these things are usually stoked aside for women, and men often don’t find the right solutions.

Interestingly, due to the presence of testosterone, men can easily lose weight often faster than women. So, if you’ve been inquisitive to find out about weight loss, then take this opportunity and know how you can spare time from your busy schedule and achieve decent results. On International Men’s Day, we have shortlisted some least discussed queries yet commonly searched topics by you.

Let’s begin!

  1. Where to begin?

Brush aside your ego, if any, and begin with small and light exercises. Not only does it help in regulating your heart rate, but most often yields long lasting results. Yes, hitting the gym is one recurring new year resolution, so it is all the more essential to start with feasible deadlines. Set smaller yet achievable targets. These include stretching at your desk between work hours, taking a walk for just 15 mins after lunch and dinner. Try alternating stairs for lift and the self-motivation you feel will be insurmountable.

  1. When to exercise?

Trust us, you are not alone. You want to spend time with your dear ones but also don’t want to miss out on your fitness and workout routine. So in this case, it will be so much better if you could just have some company, isn’t it? If you could find a partner to exercise within the family, it would be the best. In this way, you can easily spend time and rejuvenate along with your loved ones while exercising. Group fitness activity can also involve your friends. Going for a run, cycling and weekend walk can be exhilarating for your body and soul. Make sure that you are utilising this time to its utmost benefit.

  1. How to stay motivated?

Well, yes, this is definitely something that needs some attention. It requires you to act smartly and persistently. While most of your time is absorbed in chasing work deadlines, you could feel extremely exhausted even mentally. This is when you realise the importance of sleep. Costing the amount and quality of sleep can adversely affect your overall health. It also contributes to weight gain as people who are sleep-deprived are found to be overeating. Make sure you get enough and good sleep. Another way to keep yourself in good spirits is to take a break and recoil at regular intervals, at least every three months. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Right ? So retreat and pamper and you will find yourself in a much healthier space physically and mentally.

  1. My diet ?

Include all the healthier sources, not necessarily bland in taste. Regardless of you being a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or even vegan, there are numerous choices you can pick from. Good protein not only suppresses appetite but helps in increasing metabolism and maintaining lean muscle tissue.

  1. How to be consistent?

There cannot be enough emphasis on being realistic. Yes, it is important to plan. Sometimes we even tend to dream of getting sculpted while staying busy but coming back to the ground reality is important. Opt for healthy non-fattening options and set only realistic targets. Replace your usual fries and snacks with nuts and other healthy snack items. Eat often and less. This is one goal that you should aim for. Divide meals into smaller portions and you will observe that you are staying full yet light.